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eMed® UTI Telehealth Kits™

Ages 18-65. HSA/FSA Eligible.
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Our UTI test kits are the only ones that give you the solution to your pain.

Each UTI Telehealth Kit includes
✓ Telehealth visit (No appointments needed, Available 24/7)
✓ Urine test strip
✓ Single-use thermometer
✓ A clinical evaluation
✓ Same-day prescriptions, if clinically eligible, are available at your preferred pharmacy

Important Purchaser Note
✓ This product is ONLY for females between the ages of 18-65
✓ This is NOT a test for pregnant women, women with indwelling catheters, women over 65, or males


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This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply.

If you are experiencing the first symptoms of a Urinary Tract Infection, our UTI tests can help

Buy your Telehealth Kit from Amazon or eMed.com

When symptoms strike, simply grab an eMed test from your medicine cabinet, scan the box, and wait to open it until you're connected with an eMed proctor.

Scan QR-code to start the session

You will be asked to provide a urine sample, but don't worry, the proctor will turn off their camera, and you'll have the privacy to collect the urine.

Start your telehealth visit

Your test results will be available instantly! Clinical partners review your case within 2 business hours and prescribe antibiotics if necessary.

Get your prescription if needed

Prescription is included in the kit price. You can pick up the medication at your preferred pharmacy that day at no extra cost. Goodbye to the pain before it becomes a bigger problem.

When to seek medical attention

If you have any fevers, chills, flank or back pain, abdominal pain, or any new symptoms, please seek emergency medical care or call 911.