Prioritize Care Down There This Year

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Prioritize Care Down There This Year

You’ve worked hard to dodge colds and viruses this season while staying on top of holiday shopping, hosting, and more. Now it’s time to put yourself first—starting with your health. Our feminine health kits let you test for vaginal infections the moment you feel something’s off, conveniently and from the comfort of your home. 

Stay off the struggle bus. 

Discomfort in your intimate areas can be just as bothersome as a runny nose or a sore throat. But while a bad cold, the flu, or Covid can knock you out for several days or more, a vaginal infection doesn’t have to. 

Banishing the burn. 

UTI symptoms often clear up within just a few days of starting antibiotic treatment. Your healthcare provider might also give you a pain reliever that can ease your discomfort in the meantime. Symptoms from bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections also tend to clear up within two to three days of starting treatment. 

But the first step is understanding what’s going on down there. Healthcare providers won’t prescribe the treatment you need unless they know what condition is affecting you—even if you have a pretty good idea what it might be. 

Can vaginal infections be prevented?

Vaginal infections are common. According to the Mayo Clinic, vaginal yeast infections affect up to three out of four women at some point in their lives. And the Office on Women’s Health says that more than half of women will have at least one UTI at some point in their lives (men get them, too). 

You’re at a higher risk of developing a yeast infection if you…

  • Are sexually active
  • Use a diaphragm
  • Are pregnant
  • Have gone through menopause
  • Have a compromised immune system
  • Have higher estrogen levels (common among pregnant women or women taking some forms of birth control) 

But the truth is, a lot of everyday factors can lead to different kinds of vaginal infections—sweating during a workout, using certain kinds of vaginal hygiene products, and having sex. There’s no shame in getting tested and finding out you have an infection—what matters is making sure you get the treatment you need so you can go back to living your best life. 

Painless, private testing. 

It used to be that you had to visit an urgent care or make an appointment with a doctor to get tested for vaginal infections. That meant taking time out of your workday or weekend. Hefty bills for those without insurance. And, for some, it also meant uncomfortable interactions around a subject many of us find hard to talk about. 

Our UTI and vaginal pH kits are delivered straight to your home. A proctor guides you through the steps for sample collection and testing. You handle the rest privately, in the comfort of your home. The entire process is quick, convenient, and cringe-free. 

What will the results show?

UTI testing kits will suggest whether you have a urinary tract infection. Vaginal pH kits can help identify whether you have bacterial vaginosis or a yeast infection. If your test suggests a positive result, you’ll receive a prescription for treatment sent to your pharmacy of choice—so you can nip those symptoms in the bud right away.  

Your new on-the-go essential.

Just like our Covid, flu, and strep throat kits, our feminine care kits are ideal for travel and busy lifestyles. Each one has a shelf-life of 24 months, so you can stock up and be prepared for whatever life brings. 

Getting started. 

Don’t wait until you know something’s off. Having kits on hand the moment you start feeling symptoms drastically shortens the amount of time you have to deal with them. Learn more about eMed’s feminine care kits here

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