Shaping the Future of Women's Health at eMed

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Shaping the Future of Women's Health at eMed

In honor of Women's History Month, we would like to showcase the achievements of four exceptional eMed leaders in improving women's health.

We are thrilled to introduce Tatiana Souslova, the Director of Compliance & Regulatory; Sierra Parker, the Head of Commercial Operations; Nurdes Gomez, the Director of HR; and Darlyn de la Rosa, our General Counsel. These individuals are integral to our team, and we are proud to have them as part of our organization.

As we delve into the profiles of these outstanding eMed leaders, we can see how their diverse backgrounds and unwavering commitment to women's health have contributed to their success. 

Their words of wisdom offer clarity and conviction, providing invaluable guidance to aspiring women leaders working towards making a difference in women's health. Let us draw inspiration from their journeys and insights as we celebrate their contributions and amplify their voices.

Tatiana Souslova - Director of Laboratory Diagnostics & Innovation

Tatiana Souslova, MSc, PhD, DABCC, is the Director of Compliance & Regulatory within eMed. Dr. Souslova is a highly accomplished professional in clinical chemistry, holding the prestigious title of Diplomate of the American Board in Clinical Chemistry (DABCC). With a Ph.D. in Neuroscience and extensive experience as a Laboratory Medical Director and Vice President of Medical Policy, Dr. Souslova has demonstrated expertise in laboratory management, compliance, and regulatory affairs. Her passion for advancing clinical laboratory science is evident through numerous publications and active involvement in professional memberships, solidifying her reputation as a leader in the field of clinical chemistry and regulatory compliance.

What advice would you give to the next generation of women leaders focused on improving women's health?

"The next generation of women leaders focused on improving women's health should prioritize education and awareness about women's health issues, advocate for inclusive policies and research, empower women to take control of their health and work towards eliminating barriers to healthcare access. They should also promote leadership and representation of women in healthcare, collaborate with stakeholders, and prioritize their own well-being to sustain their efforts effectively. Through these actions, they can drive positive change and advance gender equity in healthcare."

Nurdes Gomez - Director, People Operations

Nurdes Gomez, a Miami native and a first-generation Hispanic college graduate, began her journey with a 13-year tenure of progressively responsible roles at BHSF, actively contributing to employee growth and satisfaction. 

Her three-year tenure at HSS marked her entry into the start-up environment. In December 2021, Nurdes embraced the role of HR Manager and then Director of People Operations at eMed, a technology start-up dedicated to Democratizing Healthcare. 

Over the last two years, eMed has grown from 70 to 1,100 team members, expanded its product line from 1 to 7, and expanded globally. Committed to making healthcare accessible and affordable, Nurdes Gomez is passionate about eMed's mission and recognizes it as an opportunity to revolutionize healthcare.

What advice would you give to the next generation of women leaders focused on improving women's health?

"As a leader, we have an opportunity to not only advocate for our fellow team members but we can also influence policies, benefit selections and implement practices to support our team. At eMed, we advocate for women's health through our Women's Health Kits, which increases awareness and accessibility to care. We share the benefits provided by the eMed team, including unlimited mental health counseling from a therapist, psychologist, and psychiatrist. Many of our team members are sandwiched between parenting and caregiving; we have the opportunity to be understanding, show empathy, and be supportive during those difficult times. We need to break down the stigmas, share the importance of preventative care, and increase the accessibility of women's health, and at eMed, we do just that."

Sierra Parker - Head of Commercial Operations

Sierra Parker has worked extensively in technology across multiple industries, including infrastructure, communications, industrial, entertainment, and now healthcare. Her experience spans multi-billion conglomerates to early-stage start-ups. Throughout her experience, she has remained focused on solving complex operational challenges through innovative, data-driven approaches.

She is passionate about creating products that make a difference in people's lives. She believes that leveraging technology to improve the community is the most efficient way to drive impactful change at scale.

What advice would you give to the next generation of women leaders focused on improving women's health?

"Never allow yourself to second guess what you can accomplish. You should always be your biggest advocate. We are so lucky to be alive in a time when women's health is at the forefront of focus in the medical space. Continue to invest in improving this sector to ensure future generations have access to the best health advancements possible."

Darlyn de la Rosa - General Counsel

Darlyn de la Rosa is a key asset to eMed's legal team. She has dedicated her career to representing clients in the healthcare field and striving to make healthcare accessible for all. Her unwavering commitment to women's health drives her advocacy efforts, as she utilizes her legal expertise to ensure affordable and convenient healthcare options. With her compassionate approach and determination, Darlyn continues to break barriers and empower women to prioritize their well-being worldwide.

What advice would you give to the next generation of women leaders focused on improving women's health?

"For me, a big part of improving women's health is promoting education and awareness. Especially with the proliferation of social media, we need to educate women across all socio-economic backgrounds about their health rights, options, and available resources. Women leaders should use their platforms to raise awareness about women's health issues and empower women to take charge of their well-being. This will also support removing the stigma we still have as a society around women's health."

This team forms a powerful leadership team that pushes women's health boundaries.

Their dedication and leadership at eMed uplift women within the company and contribute significantly to advancing women's health worldwide. Through their work, they embody the spirit of this month—recognizing women's contributions, celebrating their achievements, and paving the way for future generations.

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