The Power of Self-Advocacy: Asking for What You Need at Work and in Life

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The Power of Self-Advocacy: Asking for What You Need at Work and in Life

Ever feel that sinking feeling when you get stretched thin at work or agree to do another favor for a friend when you're already stretched thin? Us too. That's where self-advocacy comes in. It's about knowing your worth, speaking up for your needs, and setting boundaries – basically, being your biggest fan. It's a game-changer for our careers, relationships, and overall well-being (and, yes, your health, too!).

What IS Self-Advocacy?

Think of it as standing up for yourself assertively without being aggressive. It's NOT about being selfish or demanding. Instead, it's about confidently communicating what you need and deserve.

Why Women Sometimes Struggle With It

So many of us grew up being told to be friendly and to put others first. It might seem scary to speak up, especially if you worry about sounding pushy. But guess what? People can't read your mind. If you don't ask for what you want, the answer will always be "no."

The Transformative Power

Self-advocacy isn't just about getting a raise (though that's awesome). It's about:

  • Improved confidence: Each time you speak up, you prove you're worth it.
  • Stronger relationships: Clear communication builds trust and respect.
  • Better health: When you aren't overwhelmed and resentful, your physical and mental health benefit.

Putting It Into Practice

Let's get real! Here's how to advocate for yourself:

At Work:

  • Track your wins: Keep a list of your successes so that when it's review time, you have proof of your value.
  • Practice your ask: Role-play with a friend to prepare for that promotion conversation.
  • Don't be afraid to negotiate: Know your worth, and be ready to counter their first offer.

In Your Personal Life

  • "Let me think about it": This buys time to avoid feeling pressured into saying 'yes.'
  • It's okay to say 'no': Protecting your time and energy is essential for your well-being.
  • Ask for help!: Delegating to supportive partners or friends is a form of self-advocacy, too.

With Your Health

  • Prepare questions before doctor's appointments.
  • Feel free to get a second opinion. This is YOUR body!
  • Consider telehealth: Taking charge of your health care from the comfort of your home can be empowering.

Remember: This is a Journey

It won't happen overnight, but each small step towards self-advocacy makes you stronger. Celebrate the little victories along the way! And know that if you have a nagging worry about your health, don't be afraid to speak to a telehealth professional. We at eMed support you as you take control of your whole well-being.


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